Thursday, August 10, 2006


Long time, no post!

Hello there, lovely readers!

For a number of reasons (mainly owing to a dead computer) I have been unable to blog for the last few months, and they have been quite an eventful few months! Celebrate, Leadership School, Portsmouth, half a visit to Camberwell and Summer Camp have all flown by, and I've even moved house!

Chalfont St Peter has had to bid fareware, in a fanfare of ignorance, to it's most famous potato (which tells you a lot about how many potatos come out of CSP) and I have now taken up residence in Brentwood, Essex, at Community HQ. I have a lovely new yellow and blue room, complete with desk from which to blog which is a new and wonderful experience, if a little short lived, since the laptop is unlikely to take up permanent residence in this base... sadly!

I really want to tell you all about the wonderful amazingness that was the last few months, but right now I have no time and a lot of things to do, but I hope to update you all over the next few days!

Yours in anticipation,
Bert Jnr

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Returning from Plymouth

Well, a week in Plymouth was my last adventure, via a wedding of two very beautiful and lovely friends.

Despite being incredibly far south, Plymouth was the foggiest place I've ever been (and I've been to Scotland)... But it was amazing week, and we got to work with the fabulous Youth Mission Team of Hexham and Newcastle (who were lovely enough to let me muscle in on their sound desk without complaining!)

The school we visited was just fantastic- so much so, I'd move to send children there- and we all had an amazing week. I got to run sound and other technical things, and supervise the sound desk and defend it from all students and staff and other people who tried to put my channels onto the subs (grrrrr!!), along with the noble Lord Andreas...

Right now, we're just winding down after an April Fool's Day Party (living with a clown has it's perks today!) which was amazing fun, but involved a pass-the-parcel with the meanest forfeits ever (thanks Sarah!) and pin the nose on the clown... and lots of jelly and ice cream.

Oh, and I almost forgot to formally welcome the two new Potato Heads who have joined us as an Easter gift and are rather fetching in matching bunny outfits!

Yours foolishly,
Bert Jnr

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Hello from Bromley!

Hello there, lovely people! Here I am in Bromley, having a fab ole time! And learning a few things! For example, Bromley is in Kent, not South London. The "fab" trantec mics we bought are actually a pile of pants. I am sending them back because they are stupid and just cut out for no reason, and having had the same advice from various other sound techies (of the non-Tuber variety)...

Other than that, all is well (as Jesus promised!) and life is good. And we're going out for tea tonight... yum yum yum! Till next time (which may be tomorrow, since I have internet access at the sound desk!)

Yours Kentishly,
Bert Jnr

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Off travelling again, at last!

The day has arrived for me to once again depart the quiet life I lead with my fellow Potatoes here in Bucks, and to set off on another whirl-wind adventure!

This time, my destination is the lovely (I hope) and thrilling (maybe not?!) Bromley. For now, all I know is that it's somewhere to the South of London. But not only will I be visiting Bromley, oh no! The chance is arriving for me to continue from Bromley on to Cambridge for the weekend, and being a potato who loves to grab chances when the come up, to Cambridge I will go! Huzzah! (Sorry, got a bit carried away with that for a second! There we go, back to "normal"!)

Anyway, I haven't quite finished packing yet, so I will bid you farewell and depart to pack up all necessary accessories before I disppear off to Bromley and Cambridge!

Yours hurridly,
Bert Jnr

Tuesday, March 07, 2006


You'll never guess where I've been this week...

Nowhere! My lovely, and every so forgetful team of fellow travellers, spent a fabulous week in Ilford, East London, and I went... nowhere! They forgot me! Now, for those of you who haven't fainted in shock at such scandalous news, they did more than make it up to me (and this is a big things, because I was a very annoyed and lonely Potato for a week- no people, no fun, no food = not good) by taking me to see Kelly Clarkson at the London Apollo in Hammersmith. She was amazing and stunning and we all had a fab time. And all hard feelings about no visit to Ilford!

Yours in admiration of Kelly,

Bert Jnr

Wednesday, February 22, 2006



On Monday, with much rejoicing and celebrations, we were able to welcome two new Potato-Heads to our lovely little community. This now totals us at 13 (12 adults and one child), somewhat like the house we share with another community, oddly enough!

Our new community members brought with them an exciting variety of new parts and pieces, and much fun has (and will be) had as we play around with creating and re-creating ourselves.

Other than that, peace currently reigns. John has yet to rear his head with anything more than an inital threat, but seems to have been stopped in his tracks by the actual practicality of trying to turn us into chips (how would that actually work??!) However, he is not a nemesis to be under-estimated, and although all appears peaceful and calm in our house, does not mean he is not plotting and planning underneath the surface! Who knows what horrors may lie in wait for us??!

Yours communanly,
Bert Jnr

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Warning to all Potatoes!

A dangerous arch-nemesis of all Potatoes and Potato-Heads has revealed himself this very evening. He is called John and he lives to try and turn me and my Community of Potatoes into chips... we shall, however, prevail. Failure is not an option!

Yours determinedly,
Bert Jnr

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Day trip to Brentwood!

Again, my travels have taken me to the wonderufl town of Brentwood in Essex. Twas but a short stop, but I got to go and distract my favourite treasurer for an hour (not that she seemed to mind at all!) and have some of Serge's infamous meatballs (best meatballs EVER!!!)

Right, as I've just been reminded by my friend, I am in desperate need of doing some washing, and just as desperately needing to tidy up, because I have no clean clothes and a room that looks like my suitcase exploded when I got back from the Wirral. (Being poorly meant that stuff just piled up on me and I don't like it!)

So, I'm still waiting for my new Potatoes to arrive here in Bucks. Lady and the Tramp did arrive this morning, and caused a little excitement by having a free dog with it, but I still want my Potatoes! Come to me, Pirate Potato! Come and join us!

Yours impatiently,
Bert Jnr

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


iTunes Quiz!

Ask your iTunes/Media player the following questions and flick to the next song for the answer.. Go for it iPod!

What do you think of me iTunes jukebox?
Bianca- Kiss Me Kate Soundtrack (eh??!)

Will I have a happy life?
Someday- Eternal

What do my friends really think of me?
A Slice of Saturday Night - Slice of Saturday Night Soundtrack

Do people secretly lust after me?
Spiritual Love- S Club 7

What should I do with my life?
One Last Shot - Pirates of a Caribbean Soundtrack

Why must life be so full of pain?
Nowadays- Chicago

Will I ever have children?
Lord Let Your Glory Fall- Philips, Craig and Dean

Will I die happy?
Gloria Part 3! -Revaltion Warehouse

Can you give me some advice?
People of Go

What do you think happiness is?
You've Got A Friend In Me- Toy Story

What's my favourite fetish?
Stuck in the Middle With You

Am I a total freak?

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Some thoughts on baseball...

Well, I think I'm very slowly getting better, but I'm still ill enough not to really get anything done, which is driving me crazy. I've watched quite a lot of The Simpsons today, and was thinking that baseball is something I just really don't get. All this "bottom of the ninth" stuff just doesn't make any sense, but American TV makers seem to presume that the entire world knows exactly what they're going on about all the time... does anyone at all get it? Does it make sense to anyone, or do you have to be American to be allowed to understand this crazy language?

Yours Britishly,
Bert Jnr

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